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For moms who have children with Special Needs, swimming can often be
challenging. Certain medical conditions such as Spina Bifida, Cerebral
Palsy, some types of Autism and many others can cause incontinence.  It is
easy to find swim diapers for babies and toddlers, but finding a source of
containment briefs for older children, teens or adults can be frustrating.
 The SOSecure® Containment Swim Brief was designed by a Special Needs
mother for just such a purpose. The washable garment is made of
comfortable stretch fabric and is completely waterproof. It opens up fully
for ease in dressing, can be adjusted to any body shape, and is extremely
discreet when worn under a swim suit.  There is a full range of sizes from
toddler to plus size adult.
It is very important to choose the right size, which is based on hip/waist
measurement.  The “How to Measure” page helps you select the right style
(child, youth, or adult) for a perfect fit.
These swim briefs can last for years when laundered properly, and the
adjustable closures allow for growth. They are meant to be worn as snugly
as possible for maximum effectiveness.
Most pools and aquatic facilities require the use of swim diapers when
there is a possibility of an accident.  Some have been known to charge the
parents for draining the pool when failure to wear protection is the
reason for the expense.  We don’t want that to happen to anyone, so be
sure to get a Containment Brief well in advance of your vacation. It’s
always a good idea to test them at home before your vacation to make sure
they fit perfect.  Should you have any questions please call us. Discovery
Trekking Outfitters is the manufacturer of the SOSecure® Swim Brief.
Although our size range is huge, our design department is often able to
customize the fit, should you have a fitting challenge, and don’t find a
size that meets your needs. 
We recently received the following note from a Mom who had been searching
for such a solution:
"This company has gone out of its way to ensure that we are happy with our
order.  Our son has special needs and one of the only things he enjoys is
swimming.  For us that means finding a way to make sure that he can do
what he loves.  I can’t tell you how much finding this website has meant
to us.
The fact that Leslie and her team listened to my concerns and created a
suit just for our son means more than you can possibly know.  This company
has been attentive and considerate right from the first time we ever
corresponded with them.  I have been, and will continue to, recommend them
to anyone needing incontinent swimming supplies."
Info submitted by: Leslie Hanes Owner/Founder
Discovery Trekking Outfitters Ltd.
250-286-6577  1-877-551-6577

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